Utilities for setting the type of mouse cursor, if any, to show when the mouse pointer is over an element.


Class Output
.d-c-all-scroll cursor: all-scroll !important;
.d-c-auto cursor: auto !important;
.d-c-col-resize cursor: col-resize !important;
.d-c-copy cursor: copy !important;
.d-c-crosshair cursor: crosshair !important;
.d-c-default cursor: default !important;
.d-c-grab cursor: grab !important;
.d-c-grabbing cursor: grabbing !important;
.d-c-help cursor: help !important;
.d-c-menu cursor: context-menu !important;
.d-c-move cursor: move !important;
.d-c-none cursor: none !important;
.d-c-not-allowed cursor: not-allowed !important;
.d-c-pointer cursor: pointer !important;
.d-c-progress cursor: progress !important;
.d-c-row-resize cursor: row-resize !important;
.d-c-text cursor: text !important;
.d-c-wait cursor: wait !important;
.d-c-zoom-in cursor: zoom-in !important;
.d-c-zoom-out cursor: zoom-out !important;