Justify Self

Utilities for controlling how a grid item is aligned along its inline axis.


Class Output
.d-js-center justify-self: center !important;
.d-js-end justify-self: end !important;
.d-js-start justify-self: start !important;
.d-js-left justify-self: left !important;
.d-js-right justify-self: right !important;
.d-js-baseline justify-self: baseline !important;
.d-js-first-baseline justify-self: first-baseline !important;
.d-js-last-baseline justify-self: last-baseline !important;
.d-js-stretch justify-self: stretch !important;
.d-js-safe justify-self: safe !important;
.d-js-unsafe justify-self: unsafe !important;
.d-js-normal justify-self: normal !important;
.d-js-legacy justify-self: legacy !important;
.d-js-auto justify-self: auto !important;
.d-js-unset justify-self: unset !important;


Use d-js-auto to justify an item automatically along its inline axis. This is the default value.


Use d-js-start to justify an item to the start of its inline axis.


Use d-js-end to justify an item to the end of its inline axis.


Use d-js-center to justify an item to the center of its inline axis.