Border Widths

Utilities for controlling an element's border width.


Class Output
.d-baw0 border-width: var(--su0) !important;
.d-baw1 border-width: var(--su1) !important;
.d-baw2 border-width: var(--su2) !important;
.d-baw4 border-width: var(--su4) !important;
.d-baw6 border-width: var(--su6) !important;
.d-btw0 border-top-width: var(--su0) !important;
.d-btw1 border-top-width: var(--su1) !important;
.d-btw2 border-top-width: var(--su2) !important;
.d-btw4 border-top-width: var(--su4) !important;
.d-btw6 border-top-width: var(--su6) !important;
.d-brw0 border-right-width: var(--su0) !important;
.d-brw1 border-right-width: var(--su1) !important;
.d-brw2 border-right-width: var(--su2) !important;
.d-brw4 border-right-width: var(--su4) !important;
.d-brw6 border-right-width: var(--su6) !important;
.d-bbw0 border-bottom-width: var(--su0) !important;
.d-bbw1 border-bottom-width: var(--su1) !important;
.d-bbw2 border-bottom-width: var(--su2) !important;
.d-bbw4 border-bottom-width: var(--su4) !important;
.d-bbw6 border-bottom-width: var(--su6) !important;
.d-blw0 border-left-width: var(--su0) !important;
.d-blw1 border-left-width: var(--su1) !important;
.d-blw2 border-left-width: var(--su2) !important;
.d-blw4 border-left-width: var(--su4) !important;
.d-blw6 border-left-width: var(--su6) !important;

All Sides

Use d-baw{n} to change the border width on your element.

Individual Sides

Use d-b{a|t|r|b|l}w{n} to change the border width of your direction on your element.