Border Style

Utilities for controlling an element's border style.


Class Output
.d-bas-unset border-style: unset !important;
.d-bas-dashed border-style: dashed !important;
.d-bts-dashed border-top-style: dashed !important;
.d-brs-dashed border-right-style: dashed !important;
.d-bbs-dashed border-bottom-style: dashed !important;
.d-bls-dashed border-left-style: dashed !important;
.d-bas-dotted border-style: dotted !important;
.d-bts-dotted border-top-style: dotted !important;
.d-brs-dotted border-right-style: dotted !important;
.d-bbs-dotted border-bottom-style: dotted !important;
.d-bls-dotted border-left-style: dotted !important;

Dashed Borders

Use d-b{a|t|r|b|l}s-dashed to change the border style to dashed on your element.

Dotted Borders

Use d-b{a|t|r|b|l}s-dotted to change the border style to dotted on your element.