Background Position

Utilities for controlling the position of an element's background image.


Class Output
.d-bgp-tl background-position: top left !important;
.d-bgp-t background-position: top !important;
.d-bgp-tr background-position: top right !important;
.d-bgp-r background-position: right !important;
.d-bgp-br background-position: bottom right !important;
.d-bgp-b background-position: bottom !important;
.d-bgp-bl background-position: bottom left !important;
.d-bgp-l background-position: left !important;
.d-bgp-center background-position: center !important;
.d-bgp-unset background-position: unset !important;


Use d-bgp-{position} to control where an element's background image is placed.