Dialtone provides different icon sizes. By default all icons have a height and width of 1.5em. The size classes below can be applied either to the icon wrapper or the icon itself.

Note that the 100% size class sets both width: 100% and height: auto and thus has no variable.

Size Variable Class Examples
14px @icon-size14 .d-svg--size14
16px @icon-size16 .d-svg--size16
18px @icon-size18 .d-svg--size18
20px @icon-size20 .d-svg--size20
24px @icon-size24 .d-svg--size24
32px @icon-size32 .d-svg--size32
48px @icon-size48 .d-svg--size48
64px @icon-size64 .d-svg--size64
100% N/A .d-svg--size100p